Drinks & discussion for Lansing professionals interested in philosophy, politics, economics, and society.

Reading philosophy can be a bit dry — so we’re adding alcohol and discussion to make learning more enjoyable. No obscure name-dropping, and no required readings, we promise. Put aside the speed dating pamphlet and come meet interesting people, talk about the big questions, and share your thoughts on difficult questions like the meaning of life and how to live well. With over 350 members across Lansing, we hold diverse discussions on anything and everything we can think of.

Interested in getting involved? Get in touch! Due to COVID, meetings have been postponed since early 2020. For more information, join us on MeetUp!

Grassroots Philosophy is a weekly discussion group in Lansing, MI for casual philosophers. Designed as a comprehensive resource for community members to engage in thoughtful discussion, the group forgoes topical issues to examine the assumptions that modern society frequently takes for granted. Drawing from psychology, philosophy, biology, behavioral economics, anthropology, history, neuroscience, and a number of other disciplines, the group looks at the most prominent questions that individuals must face in the 21st century.

Inspired by other philosophy clubs around the world, Grassroots Philosophy brings a sense of community through thoughtful and enjoyable discussion to Lansing.

“The main task of philosophy clubs is to turn into collective movements of social change, which are capable of tackling the great problems of our age. If we just obsess about our own lifestyles, I don’t think we’ll get very far.” - Roman Krznaric

Read more about grassroots philosophy clubs in this report or the concept of cafés philosophique.

The Format

Each meeting is an hour and a half. The first ten minutes are reserved for an opening statement on the day’s topic, with volunteers contributing their questions and thoughts for the group. A sign up list is available if you’re interested in sharing your research or thoughts on a certain day at each meeting. The next eighty minutes are spent in free discussion. Depending on the size of the group, small groups may be formed, or everyone may participate in a single discussion.

Depending on meeting location, alcohol may or may not be provided for adults over 21 years of age. Non-alcoholic drinks will always be available. Please drink responsibly. You will be asked to leave if disruptive.

Meeting topics are available in advance each week by Monday, along with companion readings. It is not required to read or research before the meeting. Feel free to peruse these resources at your leisure, or not at all.

There is no need to RSVP to any meeting. Feel free to simply come and listen - don’t feel obligated to speak if you’d rather not. Don’t hesitate to speak, though - we’re nice people.

Contribute Your Thoughts…

Interested in contributing to the Grassroots Philosophy Blog? GRP accepts writings on a variety of topics, just like in our discussions. Feel free to send opinion pieces, fiction, research, and historical analysis to grplansing@gmail.com. Please limit your contributions to once a week, and under 1,500 words, in a Word document. Accepted works will be contacted over email within one week of submission. Find some good advice here on philosophical opinion writing.