Stugrants - Community Development through Grant Writing

Creating a grant writing program for high school students will spur a lifetime of community development.

High school and university students are increasingly engaging with their communities, capitalizing on resources available to them in looking to differentiate themselves in a crowded job market. However, most students are forced to work within the confines of existing organizations as volunteers or interns, limiting potential innovation. Moreover, students have limited contacts, funds, and mentoring to implement their innovative ideas. This proposal aims to develop an easily-reproducible and comprehensive program for high-school students which teaches them strong writing and speaking communication skills through the process of crafting a grant proposal and collaborating with community organizations.

Grant writing is integral to many non-profit organizations. Yet it’s difficult to learn: college courses are expensive, online tutorials are frequently confusing and without personalized review, and cheap workshops with experienced grant writers are difficult to find, especially as a new non-profit.

Yet low-priced resources now exist. All aspiring grant writers need is encouragement and personalized attention. Through a community of volunteers in the education industry, we can empower high school students to take advantage of existing resources and improve their community. Simultaneously, we provide an in-demand industry skill and prepare students for professional positions.

Simply put, I am developing an open source curriculum for teaching how to write grants. Built on personal experience, online resources, personal connections, and professional work, this guidebook enables teachers to provide a productive extra-curricular for students. From speaking with numerous professionals in a variety of industries, this program would be a fantastic aid to empower high school students and encourage a lifetime of service. feel free to contact me if your interested in collaborating, either through sharing thoughts, guidance, or volunteering, as further expertise would be greatly appreciated.

A full concept paper can be accessed here.

Written on May 31, 2017