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Also, if you’re a budding political pundit: visit Good Judgement Open. Learn how to forecast developments throughout the world and test your judgement skills. Pretty fascinating, especially this advice.

Similarly, see Long Bets for prediction arenas with philanthropic money.

Philosophy Programs in Lansing area

A Reading List

Below is a list of books that I either have read or written down to read at a later date, in no particular order. Links are to WorldCat. Other formats/editions are linked through that page to find at your local library. Titles may be abridged. A * means anything by a certain author, and links to their Wikipedia entry.

Grassroots Philosophy Reading List
The Deepest Human Life; Scott Samuelson Infinite Jest; David Foster Wallace
The Last Days of Socrates; Plato (I used the Penguin Classics version, which was great, but not sure if better translations exist) Coming To Our Senses; Jon Kabat-Zinn
On Race: 34 Conversations in a Time of Crisis; George Yancy Look, a white! : philosophical essays on whiteness; George Yancy
The Social Animal; David Brooks The Better Angels of Our Nature; Stephen Pinker
A Brief History of Thought; Luc Ferry The Conquest of Happiness; Bertrand Russell
Going to Pieces without Falling Apart; Mark Epstein * by Ron Inglehart
The Individualized Society; Zygmunt Bauman The Divisions of Labor in Society; Emile Durkheim
The Ideas Industry; Daniel Drezner * by Philip Roth
Emile; Jean-Jacques Rousseau Conflict of Visions; Thomas Sowell
The Righteous Mind; Jonathan Haidt Peace is Every Step; Thich Nhat Hanh
Eichmann in Jerusalem; Hannah Arendt The Heart of Buddha’s Teaching; Thich Nhat Hanh
The Four Loves; C.S. Lewis Morality and Mortality; Hans Jonas
Democracy Under Pressure; Stuart Chase Moral Clarity; Susan Neiman
Evil and Modern Thought; Susan Neiman What is Enlightment; Immanuel Kant
The Folklore of Capitalism; Thurman Arnold The 20th Century Capitalist Revolution; Adolf Augustus Berle
American Capitalism; John K. Galbraith Colossus: How the Corporation Changed America; Jack Beatty
The Nature & Logic of Capitalism; Robert Heilbroner Supercapitalism; Robert Reich
The View from Nowhere; Thomas Nagel * by Thomas Metzinger
The Happiness Industry; William Davies Examined Lives; James Miller
How to Live; Sarah Bakewell On Desire; William Braxton Irvine
The Consolations of Philosophy; Alain De Botton * by Leszek Kolakowski
Somebodies And Nobodies; Robert Fuller Guns, Germs, and Steel; Jared Diamond
Nothing Special; Joko Beck The Golden Journey to Samarkand; James Elroy Flecker
What is Ancient Philosophy?; Pierre Hadot The Little Philosophy Book; Robert Solomon
Symposium; Plato The Republic; Plato
Philosophy as a Way of Life; Pierre Hadot A Guide to the Good Life; W. B. Irvine
The Swerve: How the World Became Modern; Stephen Greenblatt Epicurians and Stoics; Axios Institute
Walden; Thoreau Deliverance from Evil; Al-Ghazali
The Way of the Sufis; Idries Shah The Meditations; Descartes
Pensées; Pascal The Village of Waiting; George Packer
White Working Class; Joan C. Williams Anarchy, State, and Utopia; Robert Nozick
Identity Economics; George Akerlof When Things Fall Apart; Pema Chodron
Neither Liberal Nor Conservative; Kinder & Kalmoe #Republic: Divided Democracy in Social Media; Cass Sunstein
The Rosy Crucifixion; Henry Miller The Anti Oedipus; Deleuze & Guattari
* by Slavoj Zizek The Remains of the Day; Kazuo Ishiguro
Bleaker House; Nell Stevens The Point of Vanishing; Howard Axelrod
The Unmade Bed: The Messy Truth; Stephen Marche Hit Makers; Derek Thompson
Us and Them: Science of Identity; David Berreby The Wisdom of Insecurity; Alan Watts
How to Love; Thich Nhat Hanh The Art of Loving; Erich Fromm
The Lonely City; Olivia Laing Gravity and Grace; Simone Weil
The Politics of Experience; R. D. Laing A History of Philosophy; Fredrick Copleston
The Prophetic Faith; Martin Buber An Introduction of Mathematics; Alfred Noth Whitehead
Poetry Will Save Your Life; Jill Bialosky Why Poetry; Matthew Zapreuder
Views of Jeopardy; Jack Gilbert Great Expectations; Charles Dickens
The Ego Tunnel…; Thomas Metzinger This Explains Everything…; John Brockman
How Adam Smith can Change Your Life; Russ Roberts Theory of Moral Sentiments; Adam Smith
The House on the Embankment; Nuri Trifonov Gulag Archipelago; Alexander Solzhenitsyn
Socialism; Igor Shafarevich The World as Will and Representation; Arthur Schopenhauer
Blurred Lines…; Vanessa Grigoriadis Hopscotch: A Novel; Julio Cortazar
Love: A Very Short Introduction; Ronald De Sousa Simulacra and Simulation; John Baudrillard
* by John Keats * by Walter Lippmann
The Hedgehog & The Fox; Isaiah Berlin How to be Yourself; Ellen Hendrickson
The Attention Merchants…; Tim Wu Rigged…; Dean Baker
Godel, Escher, Bach…; Douglas Hofstadter The Black Swan; Nassim Taleb
Breakfast of Champions; Kurt Vonnegut Superforecasting; Phil Tetlock & Gardner
For Marx; Louis Althusser Radical Markets: Uprooting Capitalism and Democracy for a Just Society; E. Posner & E. Weyl
New Power; Jeremy Heimans & Henry Timms  


As part of the planned Stugrants initiative (connecting and teaching high school students about grant writing and community engagement, as seen in previous post), this page in currently in progress. Throughout the end of 2017 and 2018, grant opportunities, resources, and other various materials will be included on this page.

I’ve compiled a complete list of community foundations in Michigan, by county, which is accessible here. It includes websites, deadlines, amounts, and eligibility for many of the organizations.

Community Foundations: Sample Grants may be accessed here: http://www.forgoodforever.org/Community%20Grants.htm

Are you part of a foundation? Look here: https://www.michiganfoundations.org/

Find contact information, as well as total yearly giving, here: https://www.tgci.com/funding-sources/MI/community

Find top givers here: https://www.tgci.com/funding-sources/MI/top

Looking for other Michigan Grant Lists? Look at these links:








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