On the Mind-Body Problem; A Discussion

Thursday, 7/5/18, 6:30PM

We spoke last week on the mind-body problem. The following is a brief recapitulation of what we discussed. Hopefully I’ve accurately restated various arguments and provided them with their best justifications; if not, feel free to reach out at grplansing@gmail.com to request an adjustment. Interjections of comments are marked within em dashes.

The intent of these written follow-ups is to connect a few key statements from our conversations to previous philosophical work directly. For those interested, it will help place current thought within the history of philosophy and connect you with further resources that will clarify/refute thoughts. Let me know if it is helpful/not, or if the format should be adjusted. Sorry that this summary is more stream-of-consciousness style than those previous.

Discussion review forthcoming! Apologies for the delay.

Written on July 9, 2018